How To Create a Free ecommerce website templates in Canada with Magento – Today!

Free ecommerce website templates

If you have any experience in the world of ecommerce then you know that Magento is one of leading names in the business. Something else that they do great is produce templates that will help you get your own online store up and running in just a few easy steps and the great part is that most of them are actually free. In this article we are going to talk to you about some of our very favorite free ecommerce website templates in Canada designed by the people at Magento, so we hope you’ll keep reading until the end.

Clothes Store

If you are looking for premium features for free, then this is just the template for you. A great thing about this ecommerce template is the fact that it is perfect for any beginner because of the fact that it is a ready-made template. This means that instead of doing things from scratch you will only need to upload your product pictures and details as well as the shop info and you will be ready to go. Of course, you will be able to make any changes or customizations that you want along the way, but the great thing is that because of the clean, minimal and modern look of the template, you won’t have to do that.

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If you are more interested in the simple free ecommerce website templates in Canada, then this Magento template is a great choice. This is a template with a super clean design that has no distractions or clutter whatsoever and all of that provides a very cool and relaxing experience for your shoppers. This is mostly a fashion template that is perfect for apparel stores and another great bonus of this template is the fact that it comes filled to the brim with features that will help you increase the sales of your online store.


If you have any kind of food-based online business, then this template is great for you because the design of it makes it the perfect choice for anyone that has a restaurant, café, bakery and so on. However, because of that same clever design of this template, with a little rearranging and color changing it can actually be suitable for any kind of business which makes it incredibly versatile. The template is very easy to customize and really flexible, so making any changes will be super easy.

Finding a template that will give you a professional feel that is also free can be a very difficult thing to do indeed, which is why we decided to create this article and give you some of our favorite Magento picks. We hope that these free ecommerce website templates in Canada will suit your needs and will help you create the best ecommerce website out there.